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Translation is our core business. Given the wide experience of our team, we translate all types of texts – from General to Technical texts. Some of the fields include but not limited to: Marketing, User Interface, Education, IT, Software, Financial, Legal, Literary Texts, Medical Texts, Social Media, Community Service, Tourism, Transport, Religious Texts and more. We also translate various products such as Mobile Applications, Books, Videos, Newspaper Articles, Advertisements, Reports, Manuals, Study Guides, Websites, Automotive, Games, Betting Programs and more. In order to observe consistency in translations, we use Translation Tools, depending on the requirements of our clients. We mostly strive to maintain the style and format of the original text. The most common tool that we have been using is: SDL Trados 2015. Our performance is not limited to Translation Tools. We also do manual translation using MS Word and MS Excel. With the development of technology, we use Google Docs and Spread Sheets especially in areas where collaboration is needed and when the client desires to see real time edits in the translation.

We have introduced a new service a one of its kind. We are now able to provide online learning for French and Swahili languages. Get in touch with us for more details

We acknowledge that no machine or human translation is perfect. However, we strive to give a third party revision or proofreading by putting ourselves in the position of the end user. This will make the final translated copy to be as original as possible and to be easily understood by the user. To achieve this, we check the clarity of meaning, the level of language in relation to target user, grammar, spelling, readability, suitability of the vocabulary used in relation to the context and more. If requested, we show the track changes so that the client can compare our edits with the original translation. The aim of our revision is to achieve quick rendition of the meaning.

TRANS-CREATION We usually adapt information to suit the context of the target user. This is achieved though flare understanding of the user’s environment, thorough research and a lot of consultations from relevant sources. We trans-create advertisements, video language, songs, poems, literary expressions, cultural components, physical features, economic activities, religious practices, educational content and more. We do this in order to bring relevance and familiarity of the content to the target users.

We convert sound into written text in order to reach more audience. We also translate the transcripts into the target languages. Depending on the client’s requirements, we can add time codes to the transcriptions. The audio can be teaching material, songs, movie, speeches, interviews, general conversations and more.

We provide consultations in matters pertaining to languages. We give guidance in learning a new language or perfecting various skills in languages. We target students, families, businesses, tourists, organizations, institutions, companies, agencies and more. Our team is composed of approved language trainers who provide professional services in this area.

We record voice to guide in documentaries, special features, videos, events, tourist destinations, advertisements, video games, presentations and more. We do this by using modern digital voice recorders. We present the recordings in various formats as WAV, MP3, WMA, OGG, AAC, FLAC and more.

We prepare speeches to meet relevant contexts such as political, religious, environmental, public holidays, national holidays, ceremonies and more. We interact with the both the speaker and the audience in order to compose more relevant presentations.

We partner with businesses and other companies to provide human resource in interpretation during conferences, meetings, hotel booking, tour guiding and more. We welcome hotels, learning institutions, tour agencies, courts, hospitals, organizations and other willing members to partner with us in providing interpretation services.
We translate different types of content from:
• English into Swahili.
• French into English.
• Swahili into English.
• Other African Languages.
We also have a team of reliable freelance translators, who can translate into other local languages.


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